Sunday, 9 December 2018

So many options, and so many pictures!

Right then, it's Sunday morning, another fine one in Spain, I have walked the dog and set up my Instagram account ready to follow Strykers Plancenoit battle due to begin around 11am or midday here. This is my first foray into such technology, I have to say there are some very fine images of the HH figures on the page, I like the idea a lot, good fun.

The 15mm's have been reorganised as shown below. Basically the foot units are all now 8 figures and all cavalry units 4 figures which just about fits the C&C hexes. They will sit on then sabot bases with a small label on the rear showing the basic 'block' strength and unit type. For example British line are 4 blocks, light infantry are 5 and rifles are 3 blocks. I know all these types instinctively now, and the number of dice each types throws in standing or moving fire combat and melee including additions and subtractions of combat dice, but a small label won't hurt as a visual reminder of type. The larger standardised unit sizes simply gives a cleaner look to my game and a little more visual appeal hopefully.

Having said the above the individual basing allows for several options, the first being games played on the C&C board as block per figure games, the second being games played on a larger grid using my tweaked rules and proper model scenery, while the third is to combine the smaller groups into fewer larger units of 16 to 20 figures including command figures for a conventional 'grid free' experience. I'm currently on the look out for some kind of magnetic basing medium that will allow me to switch between the options, I'm pleased how this has worked itself out, I still have a draw full of Blue Moon's to paint so this project has plenty of life in it yet. This week I will paint another 8 Highlanders plus 4 command figures before painting French command figures and then turn my attention to doubling up the French cavalry.

This also reduces the overall number of 'units' in the game, making solo play more manageable. I'll be keeping my activation draw/roll system but might trial using an average dice for the actual activation roll. Possibly also infantry should be able to use double activations to advance a bit faster.

British army.
4 units of line infantry
2 units of light infantry
1 unit of rifles.
2 units of heavy dragoons
2 units of light dragoons
2 foot guns
1 horse artillery gun
3 commanders.

French army.
5 units of line infantry.
1 unit of legere (light infantry)
1 unit of Voltiguers (light infantry)
1 unit of Grenadiers
2 units of Dragoons
1 unit of line lancers
1 unit of chasseurs
2 foot guns.
1 horse artillery gun.
3 commanders.

Loads of pictures!


  1. They're coming on nicely, but it'd be good to see them in a game context as it's hard to visualise exactly what it'll look like on C&C board. I'm far too much of a dinosaur to follow Plancenoit on Instagram so I shall have to await its posting on Stryker's blog.

    1. Hi Rob, I;m pleased to say that the figures are in the process of being multi based and that they fit the C&C hexes just about. This also gives me the option of a larger hex grid with 'proper' scenery. Will get some images of a game on the game board this weekend.

  2. The momentum behind getting the 15's done is really paying off and the scale is showing off those uniforms rather nicely.

    1. Thanks Norm, I am primarily a figure painter and have been for many, many years, but I'm really keen now to play some games and remain motivated by what you do :)

  3. Lovely looking pair of armies! You just need the Austrians,Russians, Prussians and Spanish!
    Best Iain

    1. The advantage of doing it 'small scale' is that multi nations become affordable. Prussians are next up, but I'm just trying to find some Portuguese first.

  4. Your output of exquisitely painted wee men never ceases to astonish me, 'Lee. 15mm, you say? I can scarcely believe it.

    1. Thanks WM. I'm slightly addicted to painting soldiers, I have to get my daily fix!


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