Friday, 20 April 2018

Sourcing Vallejo paints in Spain.

It's been a busy few days, we have found our new home and started the legal process of the purchase. The house is in the centre of a wine producing region and as such is surrounded by vines on all sides, it feels very rural and typically Spanish, yet is only 30 minutes from the bustling centre of Valencia. The local village is Godelleta, just 6 kilometres away. A  bus service operates from Godelleta to Valencia daily. Our drive into Valencia to complete the paperwork was quite eventful, especially when still getting used to left hand drive on the wrong side of the road! The Spanish are very keen on the car horn if you show any hesitation. But Valencia is lovely, beautifully clean and the people are relaxed and friendly.

Today I managed for the first time to check my box of paints and brushes properly, all survived the long journey intact. I wanted to be sure that I will be able to source Vallejo paints relatively locally here - they are of course a Spanish company - and was surprised to find that there are actually two stockists in Valencia, and one in Gandia so I should have no problem in stocking up as and when I need to. I had already checked with Andy at Old Glory that I would be able to get more troops posted out to Spain so that's sorted. I will need more line infantry and command packs.

I have the first figures ready to undercoat, British line battalion. I'm simply going to take my time building conventional units and  see where it goes. I'm now thinking that 24 figure battalions work best, allowing for the addition of the flank companies. Just one issue to solve now, that of suitable bottle tops for holding the figures. I need to start again, but all the local Rioja still has corks so water bottle tops it will be.


  1. Glad to see things starting to settle and firm plans forming.

  2. Cheers Norm, it's a huge step, but we're already starting to feel at home here :)

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  4. Sounds sounds like everything is going to plan, including having wargaming opponents and supplies - once you get settled we all expect great things of you. BTW were you interested in my offer of a spare pack of Old Glory 15mm Russian musketeers (1805)?


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