Thursday, 10 September 2015

September already!

This Summer seems to have flown by, it's hard to believe we are already into September. The weather has finally settled down and we are enjoying some very pleasant days now. I'm working on some bits for John that are required by end of the month for a planned game and also completing the last couple of models for my Flames of War collection. I have on order some Mininatur grass tufts and blossoms that should add the finishing touch to all the bases. Good prices on these products HERE, and the site generally seems to be a useful source of  modelling products, in what it describes as 'scratch builders Paradise'.

To list my Flames of War forces as they currently stand is as follows,

British Armoured Squadron (Open Fire lists).

Command Sherman V and 2ic Sherman V

3 x platoons of Sherman tanks, each of 3 mkV's and a Firely 17pdr.

RA mobile artillery, 2 x Sextons and 1 Sherman OP.

1 command M10 and 1 M10 (anti tank platoon).

1 platoon of British infantry with PIAT and light mortar squads. (Confident/trained)

1 platoon of US Airborne (Fearless/veterans)

So 7 platoons to select from there, plus I have a platoon of US infantry  and anti aircraft not included in the lists.

German Panzer Grenadier Company. (Open Fire lists).

Company commander/panzerfaust base), 2ic/panzerfaust base, and anti tank base (Panzershreck).

2 platoons of Panzer Grenadiers (confident/veterans)

Support platoons for the above (2) heavy machine guns (MG34?), and mortars, with command bases.

1 anti tank platoon of 2 Pak 40's.

1 platoon StuG assault guns, (1 command StuG and 4 stuG's).

1 Heavy Panzer platoon,  1 command Tiger 1 E and a second Tiger 1 E. (confident veterans).

1 platoon of immobile artillery, 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer's (4 gun battery), 2 spotter bases, command base and a HQ base.

Again plenty to choose from there, 8 platoons and again I have other bits not relevant to these lists.

Only the last 2 models (British M10's) remain unfinished for the weekend. After that my focus will be on terrain and getting the 6 x 4 table set up permanently in the spare room so that I can come and go as I wish as I continue to learn the rules. I want the table to look as good as I can make it and have some big plans for this.

Looking ahead.
I am pleased to say that after several long months waiting for a decision my pension fund has approved my early retirement on grounds of ill health. This will make a big difference to me and the family and will give me back some independence after several years of battling a depressive illness that saw me give up my car because I had no interest or intention of driving the damn thing again! I'm keen to get out and about a bit again, and have my sights set on a trip to SELWG at Crystal Palace in October. The park is special to us as it's where we used to take the kids to ride their bikes on Sunday mornings (as you do), and my Aunt lives just a couple of streets away from the park. It will be her 90th Birthday next month so a visit is in order. Probably just a belated mid life crisis (I'm 58) , but I must admit I found myself looking at motorbikes again yesterday too!

Photos will follow shortly.

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