Saturday, 7 February 2015

A mystery!

Being flushed with excitement at having just about finished stickering my C&C Prussian Army expansion blocks, I was not worried that I waited a few days for a copy of memoir 44 to arrive. By the time I contacted the supplier it was about a week, and they duly provided me with the electronic signiature (Royal mail 24), and time of delivery. Even on those devices there was no way it was my signature, but it was clearly an L and a G followed by a scribbled back loop and over! At first I thought was going mad, but I knew it was not my signature as I never go backwards and it's quite distinctive. So what has happened to my £40.00 game?  Of course I checked family members, "Dad, why would we sign as you?" Yes, of course, and same for neighbours, we know them all. Checked the delivery address and postcode ..... mine, time of delivery 15.10 I was here then and there was no delivery.

To be honest I'm scratching my head over this as I don't see what I can do?

I plan to order the C&C Spanish expansion this week (to complete the series so far), but surely this could not happen again!

* 'Iron Will' counter shown at top, the latest new game mechanic for C&C Napoleonics. Prussians get a number of these according to scenario and they can be used as a sort of 'last resort' to get units out of tough morale situations by allowing a unit to ignore one more flag (retreat) roll per Iron Will token played.


  1. If it was here, in the Land of Mud, I would suggest the delivery man signed it himself and stuck it in the shed, or left it with a neighbour. If you go back to Royal Mail and disown the signature, they must surely have to take it seriously?

    Disquieting, anyway. Hope it clarifies itself.


  2. Lee, very sorry to hear that. Have inquiries with RM had any success? Since it's been signed for, it should be possible to find out who delivered it and who they delivered it to. Perhaps an enquiry in writing?

    Fingers crossed.

  3. That's very annoying - I would pursue this for sure with RM and supplier. It's your word against theirs but the main point is you haven't got the game you sent for. How are you supposed to trust them in the future? If you paid using Paypal or Visa - might be worth getting them involved...?

  4. Hi,
    Does your local RM have issues with self signing and leaving the package in plain sight of everyone in the street. Potentially check any streets with similar names (Harsh I know) but my street name is also the same name as a neighboring suburb and we have a street name in our suburb that is the neighboring suburbs name. We often get mail for the different property.

    eg: x Hillsborough Terrace, St Martins and x St Martins Terrace, Hillsborough.

    Good luck ! Cheers



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