Thursday, 11 July 2013

Russian Monks and Jimmy Page!

Lovely set of figures, from an unknown German maker - a set of 8 Russian Orthodox Priests/ Monks. Enjoyed painting these, blacks not always easy to get right. A smattering of gold helped to lift them slightly. I had a crack at the Icon .... tried for a Godly sort of head, but it just looks like Jimmy Page! I can't help laughing when I look at it. Well, it is only 10mm x 5mm!

The other three figures are a cowboy and two mountain men . Not sure of maker as I type this, John will know. Lovely castings again.

All for the collection of 'Old John'.


  1. Brilliant work as always, love the icon, as to mountain men and cowboy these are Qualiticast

    many thanks for doing these, much appreciated
    cheers Old John

  2. Well, Jimmy certainly is an icon!

  3. There are those of us who worship the god that is Jimmy Page of course. Can we put up there in the pantheon of other similar deities? Perhaps paintings of the messiah Jimmy Hendrix or his disciples Eddie van Halen, Eric Clapton & Gary Moore? Wonderful painting of all the figures.

  4. Thank you all for the comments chaps :-)

    GM ..... I'm a big fan of ACDC's Angus Young, next Icon I do it will probably be him!

  5. Lee, Where did you get those priests from?


    1. Hi redrob, thanks for following the blog.

      The priests are from an unknown German maker, I'm painting them for 'Old John' who supplied the figures. I'll ask him if he has any further info as they really are a wonderful set of figures. I do know another guy who also told me he has a set, so they must be out there somewhere! I'll see what I can find out for you.



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