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Page edited to add some photos of my ACW  epic work, Please scroll down! (29/09/2022).

This is one my standard British strips @£9.00.

I love painting the Warlord Epics, and with my own DBN armies at a stage where I can just add the odd base here and there I'm offering a dedicated Epic painting service at a special price. You provide the sprue, tell me which regiment you want and I'll do the rest!

A single strip of 10 infantry painted as below £9.00.   A full 80 figure battalion with flags added and textured basing for £72.00. 

Cavalry, single mounted figure £2.50.  A 3 base cavalry regiment on textured basing for £37.50.

The price is less than 50% of my usual 15/18mm infantry price because I have established a solid and consistent method of painting the strips that produces good results with bold colour and highlights, no blocking in or washes just careful picking out of the black undercoat using all Vallejo model colour paints. Please note that the photos are my usual Good Wargaming Standard and are exactly what you get for your money.


Please see my commission painting page above for my terms and conditions. You can contact me at lgramson@yahoo,com and I'm happy to answer any questions.

Below are some examples of my own Epics based for DBN on MDF bases and represent my standard and style of painting.

Epic ACW's - I also paint these of course and some examples of my past work can be seen below, please contact me for further details, thank you.

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